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You’ve got an idea, maybe even a product, but you still need an audience, and a community… and customers.

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A startup and growth marketing agency looking for exceptional startups to partner with and build content-first and customer-centric businesses.

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What is Growth Marketing?

Glad You Asked.

Growth Marketing is the process of focusing your business efforts on growing an audience, community, and/or customer base as fast as possible in an environment of extreme uncertainty, on a limited budget.

When starting a new product or business endeavor, you quite often find yourself launching your “cool new gadget” into a sea of noise, where no one notices, cares, or buys from you.

ArrowGrowth marketing is about harnessing the power of the audience and suggests that you may want to build an audience long before having a product ready to sell.

ArrowGrowth marketing acknowledges extreme uncertainty. Growth marketing is about continuously testing, analyzing, and optimizing. Failure is embraced and change is inevitable. Things are always getting better.

ArrowGrowth marketing works around resource scarcity. You probably didn’t start with a Fortune 500 budget, so growth marketing strategies attempt to solve problems without bankrupting your business.

Where does SplashOPM come in? We help you find and turn on all the engines of growth for your business. We help you take the guesswork out of figuring out whats working with your product, audience, and budget.
What is Online Presence Management?

We Can Explain That Too.

Online presence management (OPM) is the process of making a name for your brand online and actively monitoring how your audience is interacting with you.

We use inbound marketing strategies like content marketing, advertising, social media management and website optimization to make sure that your growing audience is building a long-term, positive association and relationship with your business.



Before writing one line of code...

We firmly believe that before writing your first line of code, you should have amassed a large audience/community (for example, 10,000 e-mail subscribers). As Rand Fishkin calls it, build your Minimum Viable Market. We usually call it Minimum Viable Audience, or Minimum Viable Community, but it’s all the same. “If you build it, they will come” isn’t a viable business model, however, “if they come, you will build it” makes a lot more sense.

What is


SplashU is our entrepreneurial adventure and growth  marketing blog that teaches you how to grow a strong audience, community, or tribe, and build a product from their needs.

The blog is relatively new, having just found our own “Content Tilt” and pivoting back in October 2015. But we’ve been helping entrepreneurs, startup founders and business owners learn the ropes of digital marketing and online presence management since November of 2014.

Our goal is quite hefty: We want to help 10,000 startups get their first 10,000 customers.

What to expect on our blog: We’re consistently publishing growth marketing tutorials, strategy deep dives, advice for startups, case studies, and all of the hacks, hypes and tactics that we know about and use in our own business. It’s always real, always high-quality, and always designed to help you execute your unique vision and reach your growth goals.

Take a look, but be careful, you might learn something.

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