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Derric Haynie / CEO

A lifelong entrepreneur, Derric built his own online business from the ground up before turning to help others with their businesses.

Shana Haynie / Creative Director

A creative entrepreneur through and through, Shana has combined her talents in social media, graphic design and writing, to craft killer content strategies for new businesses looking to grow.

Certifications and Associations

Hootsuite Certification
Moz Advanced SEO certification
Google Adwords Certificate Derric Haynine

Hootsuite Certification

We are expertly trained to manage multiple social media accounts using Hootsuite. This industry recognized certification means that we know our social media! We utilize dozens of social media channels to benefit your business. In conjunction with a few other social media managing platforms, we use Hootsuite to make sure that your social media strategy gets the absolute best results.

Moz Advanced SEO

Besides our hands on SEO experience, we are also certified by Moz, a huge leader in the SEO industry. We’ve completed several hours of SEO course study, including the completion of the Moz Advanced SEO Certification. This certification along side our own experience makes us ahead of the game when it comes to search engine optimization, keyword research and SEM.

Google Adwords Certification

We are professionally accredited by Google to run basic and advanced ad campaigns using Google Adwords. Our knowledge of the Adwords platform allows us to proficiently build, monitor and optimize several Google ad campaigns at a time. We are proud to say that your online advertising campaigns are in good hands with us.

Google Analytics Certificate
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SD ama logo

Google Analytics Certification

Studying your website and optimizing it on a consistent basis is at the core of our practices. We are Google Analytics certified so that we can utilize this¬†very powerful tool to effectively analyze and optimize your business’s website. We expertly leverage this tool to build your audience, measure your traffic and track your conversions.

San Diego Regional Chamber

We are a proud member of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce. We are a local business serving the area of San Diego. It is important to us to be a part of the San Diego community. We are active at many SD Chamber events and are always happy to give some (unsolicited) advice about digital marketing.

San Diego American Marketing Association

We are active participants in the San Diego American Marketing Association. We take our digital marketing role very seriously and love to attend as many educational events as possible so that we are always learning, teaching and growing within our industry.

Customer Acquisition Specialist Certification
Content Marketing Specialist

Customer Acqusition Specialist

A very prestigious certificate from, a company specializing in Digital Marketing training. This certificate acknoweledges our expertise in customer acquisition through paid advertising channels, and understanding the nurture and engagement process.

Content Marketing Specialist

A very prestigious certificate from, a company specializing in Digital Marketing training. This certificate acknoweledges our expertise in content marketing and understanding of the process of bringing cold traffic through a website and converting them into a loyal customer.

Work with Us

We are always looking for dedicated entrepreneurs to join our team in the pursuit for helping small businesses flourish online.



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