Write For Our Blog

So You Think You Can Blog… We would be thrilled to have you blog on our site and are looking for long-term blogging partners, but we have some strict rules. First off, we really take each and every blog post seriously, we spend at least 8 hours on creating it, 2-3 hours setting up social promotions, and $100+ advertising it. Getting your post on our blog will get you the same kind of treatment. Yay… Free press. That’s why we ask that you take extra time on this post to make it something special. Here are some rules:

  1. Must be original, no copy-pastes across the web.
  2. Must be long-form. 2000 words is not a mandatory minimum, but we want you to think about it as being at around a 2000 word post.
  3. We don’t tell people, we show people. Meaning, please complete every thought, or link to an article that sums up some directional tangent you may go on. Whenever possible, we want to give actionable advice that people can actually follow.
  4. No selling. We want you to give unabated and top notch advice, save the selling for a later time please. Sure you can genuinely promote quality products, but there is a grey area and a line somewhere that we can’t have you cross.
  5. Links – We like linking to quality blogs and articles across the web, but please refrain from stuffing in countless links back to your site. Maybe 1… and to CONTENT please, not pricing pages, etc.
  6. Credit – we give you credit at the top and bottom of the post and will link to wherever you would like in your bio, as well as your twitter and LinkedIn.
  7. Images – we will create the header image for you, but if you have images you would like in it, or an idea for the image, please let us know. No stock photos here.
  8. Headline – we use Buzz Sumo and CoSchedule’s Headline Optimizer to help us with topics and headlines, please consult us so that we can work together to find the best headline for your article.
  9. Editing and finishing touches – we will do a final edit that helps perfect the beginning and end of the post, add in spacing where necessary, and links to your accounts and sites in the appropriate places.

Blogging is supposed to be a selfless act that shares your expertise and experience with others in order to create a better place. If you think you can do everything laid out here and are ready to lay it down, please submit your information and topic choices to us at:

derric (at) splashopm.com

and we will be in contact.