About Us

Your Growth Marketing Mentor and Friend

We focus on helping people right at the start of their endeavor: people that are hungry for knowledge and thirsty for doing great things.

It’s called Growth Marketing – focusing on growing an audience as fast as you can using all (ethical) methods and tactics available.

We use online marketing tools and proven techniques to quickly build your audience.

We specialize in inbound marketing, content marketing, and improving your current website to capture emails and convert more leads into sales.

We’re familiar with all of the drivers of growth and the strategies for testing various traction channels until we find out which one will work for you. And we aren’t trying to sell you hope, this takes hard work and dedication on both ends for success.

Our Mission

To get 10,000 businesses their first 10,000 customers.

To do that we will provide products, services, events, and education to help hungry entrepreneurs build their tribe and get growing. 


It's About Your Mantra

You aren’t building a product. People don’t care about your product! Not only that, but one product is not a business, it’s the start of a business. You need a mantra that tells people why and how you will make the world a better place, and why they should stand with you (not behind you) and join your cause. A great company is built around a great cause, and if you don’t have one yet, it’s time to find your mantra. “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Ghandi

Why You Need to Build a Tribe?

A customer buys a product, but a product can not buy a customer. When you build a tribe around your mantra, or your cause, you validate your product before ever having built it (this is mostly true). If you have a tribe, you will find a much easier time getting investment. If you have a tribe, you know exactly what you need to build and an unlimited supply of customers to test your product on. If you have a tribe, you can ask them for funding.   The list goes on, a tribe is always better than a product, especially in an early-stage startup.